Dare! Care!

January 1, 2016

The Paris Agreement

is insufficient! 

It recognizes the risks,

but permits

political delays

for decades 

before starting


efforts to avoid an

early extinction!

The only actions that


protect our future 

are limited to the following:

we must 

live simply 

waste nothing

store our vehicles

use public transport and

limit family size & needs!


tell your neighbours,

your children and local

“Save the children!”


And please do so as soon as

you can after you read of the

Gargantuan Release of Hydrates

that we expect from the shallow

Arctic Ocean basin this Fall!

Remember President Obama’s Message!

October 2015:

“If we don’t soon act, there will come a time when it will be too late to act!”

As of to-day, July 15, 2017:

Governments have done nothing since then to confront the Climate Crisis! Despite all of the “Talk”: The "Non-Stop” aspect of the

Global HeatRise

informs us that, absent efforts to seriously reduce the majority of ALL heat and the associated gasses, crap and related emissions, that Temperature Rise shall


Children! Tell Your Parents! And Teachers!

We have little time left to act!



is for sale

@ U$ 295.00

© Daniel J. Lavigne 2016